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Beef Development Officer

PEI Department of Agriculture

  • Undergraduate degree in Agriculture
  • PhD in Ruminant Nutrition
  • Previously involved with the Environmental Farm Program
  • Central in the development of the Certified Island Beef brand

For over 21 years, Les has been the Beef Development Officer at the PEI Department of Agriculture and Land.

He works closely with cattle producers on the Island to improve beef quality and feed quality.

Les’ role in soil health is a unique one as the results of his work with feed quality improvement and feed efficiency has a direct impact on soil health through high quality manure as an organic fertilizer. The cattle's usage of fibrous feeds improves the efficiency of animal performance, and its meat quality as well.

Les is currently working on two central upcoming projects.

They include the COMMUNITY PASTURE PROJECT to improve grazing, soil health, and fertility.

The second is the PEI DAIRY BEEF CROSS CALF PILOT PROJECT to monitor the performance of dairy-beef cross calves.

Les also continues to do what he can to promote the advancement in different feed additives to reduce greenhouse gas in ruminants, as well as more crop-specific soil health testing which can determine production ratings.

"Crops, livestock and humans are fed from the ground up. By taking a regenerative approach to soil health, it will help keep everything healthier and functioning better."